PX-700 is not a bacteria, nor an enzyme, it is a pure organic plant extract (green product) that is fully biodegradeable and safe for use in any wastewater treatment plant, sanitary sewer, greasetrap, septic tank or lift station.

PX-700 can be use in sanitary collection systems to reduce odor complaints and reduce the sludge in your lift stations and septic tank.  This means less time spent on odor complaints and less time and money spent cleaning your lift stations and septic tanks. 

Many odor complaints from wastewater are caused by hydrogen sulfide.  This creates an obnoxious odor and a serious problem due to its debilitating effects on concrete, manholes and iron pipe. PX-700 can reduce or eliminate these issues.

 PX-700 when used at a wastewater treatment facility can:

 Enhance your treatment process using existing bugs
 Reduce treatment costs
 Speed up the treatment process possibly giving your plant more MGD
 Reduce fats, oils, greases and phosphates

 PX-700 is a cell growth accelerator (bio-stimulant), an on-switch promoting rapid cell growth and restarting enzymatic processes.

 PX-700 increases the activity of the aerobic and anaerobic organisms, resulting in a broad spectrum of more active microorganisms.

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